Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Whores in my head

108. Pixies - "Hey" (from the Doolittle album, 4AD, 1989)

I've been making this a lot recently because the closest supermarket sells a pound of pasta for 89 cents and I'm broke and love canned tuna fish. It's mostly stolen from a recipe in the Letters to the Editor section of last month's Bon Apetit, except I changed spaghetti out for linguine (best pasta evs), lemon peel for fennel seed, and fancy pouch tuna for the regular old Bumblebee can. Here we go:

Set a pot of salted water to boil. While that's happening, mince like 2-4 cloves of garlic (I love lotsa garlic like most right-thinking people). Open the can of tuna, and drain some of its oil into a small skillet. When the water is boiling, throw in one serving of linguine and turn the skillet on low. Throw the garlic into the oil along with some crushed, dried chili peppers and some fennel seeds. Cook until the garlic is soft, which should be about as long as the pasta takes to cook. Right around when yr ready to drain the pasta, throw half a little can of tuna into the skillet and mix it up with the garlic, pepper, and fennel seeds. Use a little of the pasta water to moisten the tuna and then toss the pasta in the mixture. Add some Romano and Parmesan and eat that shit.

This serves one, but it shouldn't be too hard to extrapolate for more, yeah? You really know you're with good folks if you can serve em canned tun linguine.

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