Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ooh, it's almost like we're sexin'

109. Next - "Too Close" (Arista Records, 1997)

It must take quite a bit of, I dunno, chutzpah(?), to pitch a song about erections as a single? But somehow this song became one of the biggest US hits of the late 90s, and without much in the way of controversy at that. It's just so goddamn good, another one of those songs that we giggled at in grade school but then we danced to it at dances cuz God knows all the girls wanted to dance to it. Plus, in retrospect, maybe the lyrics were kind of inspiring to us boys in fifth or sixth grade, y'kno? These Next fellers were so confident in the face their public boners.

Either way, it slays now, especially the "sexually" rhyme in the second verse. Wonderful melody, awesome sample jack, great groove, sweet science.

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