Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Bitch is Back

The Hills is back, god bless it. It just looks so pretty.

Tonight's series premiere had the task of establishing Kristin Cavallari as a replacement for Lauren Conrad. That started with the realization that, holy shit, that isn't LC's voice in the intro voiceover at all. Then Lo, Stephanie, and Audrina had a wonderful conversation about Kristin, the highlight being the Lo's question "Is she like, gonna be our friend now?"

Which is a great question, because why would she except for the obvious reason that the show requires her to be. I mean, I almost expected her to have to be their illogical TV friend, but she it turns out the answer to Lo's question was a resounding no. A clear sign of the new hierarchy, and an always important detail in the Hills, is in the titles. Lo and Audrina don't need Kristin to be their friend because, as the screen informs us, Audrina is no longer "Lauren's Friend" but rather an autonomous entity (Lo is now "Audrina's friend") (where Stacy "the bartender" fits into a hierarchy I have not yet figured out).

Stephanie's mythologizing of Kristin was also pretty amazing in this ("how can one person turn all of our lives upside down", etc), and Kristin delivered on the drama (as we all expected her to, because she said she would "in real life"). Oh the ambiguity and the, I dunno, supertext (what else would you call those titles). This show is made for me sometimes.

It's gonna be interesting to see how this show fares with Kristin. While at times boring, the last few seasons had an almost realist (obviously only vaguely and in this one aspect) slant in how banal it was. This premiere kinda snuck up on me but I am now very excited.

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timmytouch said...

supertexts = "lower 3rds" in industry speak. i guess because they are essentially the only kind of text that ever gets shown on the lower third of the screen. stay sexy.