Friday, January 9, 2009

Tales of derring-do; bad and good luck tales

242. Jeff Pescetto/Mark Mueller - "DuckTales Theme" (???, 1987)

I have finally awoken from my post New Year's Eve slumber. Sorry for the delay, back for good, I promise.

(note: apparently this exists somewhere, but this post refers to the OG minute long TV theme)

Re-listening to Alphabeat's "Fascination" the other week for some reason reminded me of this song, which I guess has a similar beat. Now, I know, I know, why would this song be here if not for childhood cartoon nostalgia, and it wouldn't obviously, but that doesn't mean it's not a great theme song. First of all, the lyrics are all 100% classic. Rhyming "duck tales" with "tales of derring-do; bad and good luck tales" brings a huge smile to my face every time. The two lines before the first chorus are executed flawlessly as well. The fact the characters (and by extension you) "Might solve a mystery" is enticing enough, but then the synth horn comes to announce that, hell, you might even "rewrite history"! Well, that does the trick for me. DuckTales ("Awoo-ooh!"), here I come.

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