Monday, September 8, 2008

Everything should be gone by now

278. the Autumn Rhythm - "Still There" (from the Autumn Rhythm EP, 2001(?))

There's a version of this song on the Autumn Rhythm's Secret Songs LP from 2003, but I have this version from their s/t EP which I can't find any info on anywhere on the internet. The one from Secret Songs is mostly the same, but adds some drums and changes the vocals a touch. I'd imagine our scientists just like this one better because they heard it earlier and I agree. Anyway, I'm not sure what the Autumn Rhythm are doing these days, but I really hope Gossip Girl or a shitty Zach Braff movie or something makes an unusually adept choice and picks this song up and makes them a lot of money someday. It's one of the most gorgeously sad songs I own, perfect for 5 in the morning when ya have the feeling something just ain't right.

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