Sunday, January 17, 2010

YMD's Golden Globes drinking game

This will be added to throughout the broadcast (maybe make that the first rule; drink every time something worthy of a drink happens). Anyways, some basic points that should get you nice and happy. Take a drink anytime:

- Ricky Gervais mentions being drunk (1 drink)
- Anyone else is obviously drunk (3 drinks)
- Anyone brings a drink on stage (1 drink + 1 drink for every drink they take on stage)
- Ricky jokes about how attractive/unattractive he is relative to an actor (1 drink)
- Anyone mentions how handsome George Clooney is (1 drink) (note: if Gervais compares himself to Clooney, you drink for both of these)
- Ricky mentions not being nominated this year (1 drink)
- Anyone mentions the NBC late night situation (1 drink)
- A pair of presenters are both from the same recently/soon to be released show/movie (1 drink)
- The show cuts from a shot of James Cameron to a shot of Kathryn Bigelow, or vice versa (2 drinks)
- The show cuts from a shot of Meryl Streep to a shot of Sandra Bullock, or vice versa (1 drink)
- The camera mistakenly cuts to the wrong person (i.e. Paul Dano instead of Paul Thomas Anderson) (1 drink)
- Anyone mentions Haiti (1 drink)
- As per Mary in the comments, anytime someone thanks God (1 drink)

Please post any other ideas in the comments.

1 comment:

Mary said...

If someone thanks God everyone drinks 1.