Monday, January 25, 2010

Make me feel like I'm on cloud nine

70. Connie - "Rock Me" (Sunnyview Records, 1986)

A symptom of listening to music in the internet age is that I'll inevitably once-in-a-while discover something in my iTunes library and have no idea how it got there. Maybe a friend sent it, maybe I found it on a blog or a message board. There's a kind of lost feeling, a contextual mystery.

Except it's a completely different kind of contextual mystery than the common one of the pre-internet era, hearing a song on an unlabeled tape, on the radio, or blasting from somebody's car and having no idea who it is. With most mystery mp3s, that data is there in the tags or, at worst, a brief Google search of the lyrics away. The harder-to-solve mystery becomes not the identity of the song/performer or even its context in musical history, but the personal context in which we received it.

Q: Where were you when you first heard "Criminal Minded" (Connie's "Rock Me"/"Toxic"/etc.)?
A: Well, I was in my living room when it appeared through a void (Except it was there all along).

(If by your second time hearing this song you're not singing along to the "I want it, I need it..." part of the verse I'll be very surprised)

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