Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Taxicab confessions

Next time Ramin Bahrani puts out a movie I won't forget to go see it in theaters and then wait like 10 months before finally watching it in Netflix instant, I promise.

Goodbye Solo seemed like kind of a masterpiece when I watched it last night tho, really. It successfully infuses its premise (aging white guy hires Senegalese cabbie to drive him out to a cliff, possibly to commit suicide; they become friends) with both realist depiction of immigrant life in Winston-Salem, NC (America) and 2 interesting characters whose mysteries (especially in the case of the aging white guy, William) reveal themselves slowly and never all the way. William's from society and Solo's pursuit of his dreams in that society could be presented in a neat juxtaposition, but Bahrani's too good for that. Instead, we get a film about America that also has more than a measure of love and respect for its characters, a great film indeed.

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