Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm not watered down so I'm dyin' of thirst

73. Onyx - "Slam" (JMJ, 1993)

At eight years old I had this song not on Bacdafucup but on the now hilarious looking MTV Party to Go, Vol. 5 (please, please take a look at that track listing), sandwiched in between "Boom! Shake the Room" and "Informer". It was my favorite thing on the compilation (okay maybe it was tied with "Whoomp! There It Is"), basically a New York street rap song pitched somewhere between PARTY and RIOT (and therefore belonging in the same lineage as "Ante Up"). It's not as explicitly (better yet, specifically) violent as "Ante Up", but I'll be damned if Onyx' (and especially Sticky's) cartoonish menace isn't still menacing. It makes perfect sense in retrospect that Fredro and Sticky went on to have some success as actors; there are mountains of charisma in their verses (the first and last, respectively, if you didn't know) on this song.

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