Tuesday, November 3, 2009

and now, from NORTH CAROLINA

89. the Alan Parsons Project - "Sirius" (Arista, 1989)

I moved to Chicago at the age of five just as Jordan, Pippen, and company were starting their run of beating the shit out of everyone else in the NBA, so basketball was my sport growing up and, as a result, this is by far the song I've most imagined my name getting announced over. With basketball season starting, I might as well honor it here.

PS, I realized tonight that when the Bulls introduce Derrick Rose they introduce him not by his university, but as "from Chicago". Civic Pride! (and possibly some bad memories from Memphis).

BONUS: (players' introduction from Game Six of the 1996 NBA Finals, in which Dennis Rodman made Frank Brickowski his bitch)

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