Monday, March 8, 2010


Things we made/some of our 25-30 guests brought to our Oscar party:

- An Eggucation (deviled eggs)
- An Edumame (Edamame)
- Avatarcado Relish (Guac with apples and blue food coloring)
- The Brownie Side
- Coco avant Pretzels (Chocolate covered pretzels)
- Crazy Liver (Chicken Liver Pate)
- Crazy Tarts
- Ginvictus
- Harry Pottered Rum
- The Hurt Lager
- The Hurt Latkas
- Inglorious Basil Pesto
- Inglorious Bas-tarts
- The Princess and the Frog Legs
- A Serious Amount of Cheese Balls
- Tuna Avatartar
- UPside Down Cake

An incomplete list, I'm sure. What a night.

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