Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ever since the day you put my heart in motion

So the Oscars kind of burned me out a bit, but we're totes back. Here's a wonderful song.

59. Amy Grant - "Baby, Baby" (A&M Records, 1991)

I'm no expert on Amy Grant. I know she's like the most successful Christian artist evehr and that she has a wonderful voice, but I've only really heard bits and pieces of her crossover stuff, my fav of which is surprise, surprise, her mega hit single "Baby, Baby". In my childhood memory, it shares space with early, curly-haired Mariah on VH1 (been doing lots of Mariah re-evaluation in preparation for a party we're throwing, more on that soon), and, listening to it now, it holds up just as well if not better than Mimi's wonderful early singles.

The lyrics are about all of nature showing love for that special someone and while, again, I don't know much about her Gospel stuff, some of the lyrics and imagery here (or is it just me that hears "devotion" and thinks religion) recall songs of worship. It's interesting to me hearing someone who sings about God using the same language to describe a more terrestrial love.

Of course, when I was six I had no idea Amy Grant usually sang CCM and I mostly loved her voice and the awesome solo.