Thursday, October 9, 2008


271. Coyote - "Too Hard (Aeroplane Remix)" (from EP2, Is It Balearic?, 2007)

Belgian duo Aeroplane has been busy in 2008, putting out one of my favorite singles of the year ("Whispers"), one of my favorite remixes of the year (of Shortwave Set's "Now Til 69"), and one of my favorite mixes of the year (their RA Podcast). None of those delicious releases, however, is a patch on what they did toward the end of last year, namely this absolutely transcendent remix of Coyote's "Too Hard". It starts out pretty enough, soft synths and fun percussion. But then around two minutes the waves start rolling in, it all gets a bit transition-y for a minute, and at 3:48 the second part of the song starts with a simple guitar line, and suddenly the sunrise on a beach that a lot of this nu-Balearic movement seems to be striving for crystallizes before me, and it is as beautiful as promised.

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